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s industrial and value● chain, boosting innovation, consolidating shared rural development and enhancing rural r●eforms. This is the 14th year in a row that the "No. 1 central document" has been devote●d to agriculture, farmers and rural areas. The "No. 1 central document" is the name trad●itionally given to theN

first policy statement released by the central authorities in the ●year and is seen as an indicator of policy priorities. When carrying forward supply-side● structural reform for the sector, national grain security must be guaranteed, according ●to the document. IP

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Committee of the Comm●unist Party of China aU
. The document calls for improving structure i3

t said that supply-side structural reform in the agricultural sector w●ould be a long and challenging process, demanding the relationship between government and● market be well handled and in the interests of all stakeholders. China started structur●al reforms in i9

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